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The Making of a 24" Lazy Susan

I always send my clients pictures as I go, so I figured that I might s well put them in a bog format.

Project, 24" round, bookmatched Lazy Susan.

Step one, find a board that is at least 3" thick x 12 1/4" wide by about 6 to 8 feet in length.

Step two, split the wood using a 12" bandsaw,

making sure you don't get your fingers in-between the wood.

Step three, sand both side of the boards to make sure they are flat.

Fourth step, put biscuit joint throughout the seem.

Glue and clamp them together.

Waite the 24 hours to dry, (hint..... never take the time to watch glue dire, it's really boring!)

Wooo Hoooo, the glue is dry, now we can put it on the home made circle turning jig and cut the square into a circle. Is that sort-of-like

putting a block in a round whole?

Now comes the most time consuming part (beside watching glue drying)..... sanding!

Yep...... still sanding, and sanding... wetting it down...., and sanding......

, and still sanding.

Time for the first coat of finish, using a thinned down boiled linseed oil to get the grain to pop with color.

Next step use thinned shellac (about 5 coats). Ready for it? Now we get to put the Lacquer on it to give it that wonderful protection that this beautiful item deserves.

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