Carpenter at Work


What I Strive For

- Tyler K. Tennessee, USA

I found Dale through Kickstarter and got caught up by the story, the history behind what he was doing, this 150 year old salvaged church pew wood he was using to craft elegant and beautiful kitchenware. I use my pepper grinder everyday and my trivet and serving tray are always on display.

My experience with The Chefs Countertop campaign led me to approach Dale again, about a custom chess board. We corresponded for months on the perfect board. My intention was a gift for my wife and I wanted it to be unique, not something you could just go out and buy, something she'd be proud of and wanna show off. What I got was even more, it was a piece of art. I could not be happier with this board! Dale even incorporated my sketches into the design. For the amount of time he spent and the look on my wife's face, I don't think I could've found a better place to spend my money.