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Sushi Tray made from Shedau and Bubinga wood

Sushi Tray made from Shedau and Bubinga wood.


This elegant Sushi Tray is made from Shedau and Bubinga wood.  

Shedau (Scientific Name: Guibourtia ehie, it could also be called Amazique, Amazoue, Mozambique, Ovangkol) comes from Tropical West Africa, it is a very hard wood.

Bubinga Scientific Name: Guibourtia spp. or G. demeusei, G. pellegriniana, G. tessmannii) comes from Equatorial Africa. 


  • Specifications

    12" long 6: wide 3/4" thick

    This is a statement-making Sushie tray that everyone will love to eat Sushie from.

  • Construction

    The very first thing I do is hand select each piece of wood that I use for all my projects.  I select it for quality, look and feel.  I am a natural woodworker that finishes almost all my projects with natural products.  Once finished sanding, this Sushi tray was submerged in food-safe mineral oil for 10 minutes, drip-dried, submerged, and dried again.  Then two coats of Just Another Woodcrafter cutting board butter are rubbed on.  Cutting board butter is a mixture of food-safe mineral oil and natural beeswax.

    This tray will also come with a can of Just Another Woodcrafter cutting board butter.

  • Handmade Product Highlights

    · Made in the USA by the artisan Dale J Dansie

    · Elegant style and comfort with great weight and balance

  • Additional Information on Handcrafted Items

    · All of the products on Just Another Woodcrafter are handmade and handcrafted in my shop.

    · All of the wood or other material used to create products are chosen for their best qualities and color.

    · All products will be shipped out within 24 hours of purchase unless special ordered or other arrangements have been made.

    · Each item is unique, no two items will ever be alike since they are handcrafted works of art and not machined or copied.

    · All products are wrapped and shipped with loving care

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